Decai: Adventures on Blackbottom Bay

After the Fire

The young man that was trapped on the second floor of the tannery was saved. He jumped into the haywagon that Stoli Blackmoon pushed below the window. Stoli’s associate, Vai Jaiden, believes the fire was set intentionally. After consulting with some of his contacts on the street, Vai heard that Marim may have been involved. Marim has had a history of collecting debts through the strategic employment of arson.

While Stoli and Vai are investigation the origin of the fire, Ankh jor’Ghana used his summoning power to suppress the flames. He remains at the scene afterwards. His intuition told him to peer into the flames for a vision. For a moment he sees his love Arina Torvan being consumed by an alchemical fire. Ankh is startled and disconcerted by the vision. He and Jace Torvan head over to the Moaning Maiden.

Stoli also found his way to the Maiden. Whn he arrives, he finds several patrons wailing. One is covered with blood. She is in shock. Her name is Luanna. She tells Stoli “He killed Maddie. We locked him in the room upstairs.” Stoli tells Luanna to get the City Guard. He then goes upstairs.

The room is barracaded with a dresser and several women. Stoli tells everyone to back away so the attacker can leave the room. Shortly, the attacker does indeed try to escape. Stoli was waiting though, and caught him in the chest with a warhammer. Jace enters the room and tries to communicate with the spirit of the dying woman.

Ankh identifies the alleged attacker as Hemmin Osric. Osric is a lesseer noble of Decai. During his interrogation, he claims not to know what happened. A blood-spattered hookah is still smoking in the room during the interrogation, which may partially account for Hemmin’s condition.

While attempting to communicate with the dead girl’s spirit, Jace suffers a critical failure on his roll.

Osric pleads with Stoli for his freedom, while the women in the area call for Osric’s head. Vai iurges Stoli to make a deal with Osric. Stoli wants to take him in. Ankh is exmining the scene and casts a spell.

Ankh’s spell takes the shape of a flame. It sputters as it gets near Jace. Ankh is suspicious and thinks Jace’s aura is not right.

Jace begins to push for the release of Osric. Stoli threatens to put Jace in a cell with Osric. Jace leaves the group as they head to the City Watch HQ, which also serves as the Jail.

While they are bringing Osric in, Ankh is making arrangements to notify Osric’s household of the situation. Vai is trying to contact Bair Shuden.

Stoli puts Osric in a cell. Not much is in the cell, besides a rat and a bucket. Stoli spends the night , awaiting the arrival of the Watch Commander in the morning.

At home, Jace is trying to sleep. He is plagued by nightmare and malevolent visions.

Unbeknownst to Stoli, Vai is talking to Bair, who has a close relationship with the Watch Commander.

Decai. Again.

Decai. I was still only in Decai. Everyday I think I am going to wake up back in Mt. Ayervyk. It’s not like I have a bad life here. Being a Captain in the City Watch is a good job. I get to serve the throne, which is honorable. And from the inside, I can prepare for the True King’s return. And having the “truth” be whatever I decide it is is satisfying. But I really long to be home.

I’ve been here for 6 years now. A short time in a dwarf’s life. I have diversions. Arina, my girlfriend. I have the Watch. I have the seal team.

My silent reverie is interrupted by an knock at the door. Vai tells me that Arina was looking for me. Vai Jaiden is a rogue. He is a procurer of information. He knows a lot of what goes on in this town, more than he lets on, I’d wager. He also is, from a certain perspective, an informer. Not that I mind.

Vai helps give me an edge to stay a few steps ahead of the criminal element in Decai. And he is a good man. I just wish he would drop the habit of quoting me back to everyone. Sometimes I swear he is doing it just to embarass me. But Stoli Blackmoon, a Captain of the Guard, is not going to show any weakness. I bid Vai enter my quarters.

He tells me that Arina was looking for me. She brought me some dinner. She left a note too, which Vai brought with him. It is clear she still loves me. I don’t take that for granted. Things are a bit complicated, though. Arina’s brother, Jace Torvan is an up and coming Summoner. He is apprenticed to the Summoner’s Guild. And he is working to keep the True King off the throne.

I hear a bell ringing. A few seconds later, the cold night air begins to smell of smoke. A fire has broken out. I head to the scene. No use calling out the seals for this. Vai nods at me, and starts heading for the door. I see Neuragen a young member of the guard, and order him to follow us.

The orange haze over by the Market District tells me where the fire is. I make haste and arrive on the scene. The tannery is on fire. We are not the only ones on the scene.

Jace is there as well. He is trying to summon a spell to extinguish the blaze. Next to him is another person. I’ve seen him before. He is that Chug refugee from the Wastes that follows Jace around. Looks like he is a Summoner too. Or at least a practicioner of the arcane arts. Ankh jor’Ghana.

There is a boy trapped on the second floor. I try to climb to him, but am overcome by the flames. I notice Ankh or Jace summoning water to douse the fire. I summon what is left of my strength, (and, if truth be known, Vai and Neuragen too), and move a hay cart under the window so the boy can jump to safety.

As I sit there recovering, I begin to think about a fire like this. Tanneries don’t often burn. This warrants a little investigation.


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